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Product Overview

Modular System


  • Full range of automation solutions from single loop controller to full size DCS

  • Leader in process control systems with best in class loop and batch control

  • Flexible to suit any size of operation Lower installed cost and improved end product quality

Product Family Distributed Control System Process Automation Controller PLC RTU/Remote Safety
Product Name Experion LX
ControlEdge UOC
ControlEdge HC900, Experion HS SCADA, Panel PC
ControlEdge PLC
MasterLogic PLC
ControlEdge RTU2020
Safety Manager (SIL3)
ControlEdge HC900 SIL2

Process Type Continuous/Batch Processes Hybrid Processes Discrete Process Remote Process Safety/Critical Control









Modular Systems Product Positioning - PLC

Covering Complete PLC Spectrum

Product Scalability PLC- Micro/ Small PLC- Small/ Mid Size PLC-Large Size
Product Name MasterLogic ML50 Saia Burgess PCD3 ControlEdge PLC MasterLogic ML200
Process Type Fast Discrete /
BOP for Process
General Purpose General Process General Process
Control Requirement Low - Moderate Moderate - Complex Moderate - Complex Moderate - Complex
Target Verticals Machinery OEMs, Marine, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverages, Cement & Glass, Specialty Chemicals, Pharma, Logistics etc. Infrastructure (Metro RAIL, Airports), Datacenters, Food & Beverages, Process & Discrete OEMs, Warehouse automation Refining, Petrochem, O&G, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals, Food & Beverages, Pharma, Metals & Mining, Cement & Glass, Power, Utility Water Metals & Mining, Cement, Power Chemicals, Food & Beverages Glass, Utility Water, Infrastructure
Technical Features IEC61131-3 programming, Communication: Dedicated Modbus, User defined protocol, High Speed Discrete Control IEC61131-3 programming, High speed, Multi - Protocol support, Wide IO module variants, Controller redundancy in separate rack, Built-in WebServer, Marine Certifications IEC61131-3, ISA Cybersecure, Universal IO, Ethernet/IP, OPC-UA, HART integrated with Asset Management SW, Tight Integration with Experion DCS and Virtual Engineering IEC61131-3 programming, Communication: Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Dual Redundant Ring topology High Speed Discrete Control, Redundancy in separate rack
Modular Systems Product Positioning – DCS, Safety System, RTU

Remote, Safety, and Plant Level Control

Product Scalability Safety Controller Safety PLC Distributed Control Sys RTU/Remote
Product Name ControlEdge HC900 SIL 2 Safety C300 (SIL 3) Experion LX / ControlEdfe UOC ControlEdge RTU
Process Type Safety Safety/ Critical Control Continuous/ Batch Remote Monitoring
Control Requirement Moderate Complex High/ Complex Low
Target Verticals Mining/ metals- Heat Treatment, Infrastructure (Metro RAIL), Oil & Gas (ESD, Pipeline), Chemicals, Pharma, Cement, Glass Mining/ metals, Oil & Gas (ESD, Pipeline), Chemicals, Power Plants, Semiconductor Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Mining & Metal, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Batch Application Oil and Gas producers (Upstream/Midstream) & Pipeline Water/wastewater, Mining
Technical Features Safety-SIL2 SIl3, Universal IO, Accurate PID Control Heat Treatment Function Blocks History Backfill, SOE, Experion Integration Safety- SIL3, LEAP/Universal IO capability, Tight Experion Integration, Offline/Cloud simulation, ISA CyberSecure Level 2 certification, Hazloc Cabinet, Op temp: -40 to +70 Deg Integrated DCS, SCADA, Safety & Asset management solution Continuous & Batch Process capability HART, Modbus, DNP3, OPC UA, Ethernet/IP, Embedded Wireless IO Cyber Security, Low Power Consumption
Honeywell Panel HMI Portfolio
Type HCiRX/W Series Control Station 900 Experion PPC
Sizes (inch) RX 5.6", 8.4", 10.4", 12.1" and 15"
RW 5", 7", 10"
10" & 15" 18.5"
Positioning Affordable Windows and non
Windows based HMI
Panel HMI for various PLCs
Integrates with HC900 Integration with CE PLC/ Experion systems
Hazardous Environmen
Experion LX DCS
Product Description

Purpose built DCS for mid - size process applications based on proven and patented technology from Experion PKS that is easy to assemble, configure and operate.

Applications Value Proposition
  • Chemicals processing

  • Power generation

  • Industrial boilers

  • Plastics, resins, synthetic rubber

  • Paints and coatings

  • Bio-fuels and bio-chemicals

  • Food & beverage processing

  • Water treatment

  • Pharma.-Batch proccesing

  • Maximize plant uptime and reliability

  • Optimize process efficiency

  • Enhance operator effectiveness

  • Reduce OPEX through a low total cost-of-ownership and ensure control system scalability and future expansion

ControlEdge UOC
Product Description
  • ControlEdge 900 platform with DCS engine (CEE) optimized for Pharma, Batch, F&B and other applications

  • Served by Honeywell channel partners along with Experion LX/PC

Applications Value Proposition
  • Environmental chambers

  • Dryers, autoclaves and freeze dryers

  • Galvanizing plants, heat treatment furnaces

  • Pharmaceutical ovens and fermenters

  • Cement, polystirol and catalyst pilot plants

  • Food & beverage manufacturing units

  • Turbine monitoring

  • Enhanced Experion Solution for Sequential/Batch Control
    ---- Next Gen Batch Visualization- Unit Timeline view
    ---- Select 'Reference Batch' for running any new batch

  • Compact DCS Solution- Recipe to Success
    ---- Compact, Based on Proven hardware platform
    ---- Ethernet based Ring or Star IO network
    ---- Ethernet/IP interface for third party connectivity

  • Enhanced Control Hardware Solution Coverage

Safety Manager SC-Series C
Product Description

Safety Manager SC is the logical evolution of Safety Manager, it provides a scalable safety platform for small packaged applications to large projects with distributed architectures.

One scalable platform for all SIL2/3 safety applications.

Applications Value Proposition

SIL2,SIL3 safety Applications

  • Process Safeguarding and Emergency Shutdown
    ----- Refining, Chemicals, Oil&Gas

  • Fire & Gas Detection
    ----- Refining, Chemicals, Oil&Gas

  • Burner/Boiler Management
    ----- Refining, Chemicals

  • Wellheads, Skids and Pipeline Monitoring

  • High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

  • Critical Control: Refining, Chemicals

  • Safety Manager SC ensures safety, simplifies operations and reduces costs by providing one safety platform to support small packaged applications to large distributed architectures.

  • Scalable platform - small to large distributed safety apps required redundancy

  • DCS & Safety Integration - operationally integrated and ISA / Cybersecurity certified

  • Universal IO / LEAP : new Safety DIO module provides a lower cost

Experion HS SCADA
Product Description

A powerful intuitive software platform that incorporates innovative applications for Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

Applications Value Proposition
  • Environmental chambers

  • Dryers, autoclaves and freeze dryers

  • Galvanizing plants, heat treatment furnaces

  • Pharmaceutical ovens and fermenters

  • Cement, polystirol and catalyst pilot plants

  • Food & beverage manufacturing units

  • Turbine monitoring

  • High performance – stable and secure platform

  • Flexible solution – for large variety of applications

  • Superior alarm management and plant wide data – for improved operator efficiency

ControlEdge PLC-R151
Product Description

Next generation family of controllers providing unprecedented connectivity through all levels of process and business operations.

Applications Value Proposition
  • Pump and compressor control (e.g., shop air)

  • Legacy PLC migrations (e.g., PLC 5, S5, 584/984, SLC500)

  • Water/waste water - industrial or municipal

  • Terminal automation

  • Balance of plant automation

  • Unified control with ControlEdge PLC and Experion

  • Flexible and efficient engineering on proven platform

  • Open connectivity and security

ControlEdge RTU2020
Product Description

An easy-to-configure and operate, low power, robust RTU optimized for remote control operations.

Applications Value Proposition
  • Offshore and onshore wellheads (e.g., oil, conventional gas, shale gas, coal bed methane, injection/disposal wells)

  • Pipeline block valve/compressor stations

  • Water booster pump stations, lift stations, water towers, wells, and reservoirs.

  • Extended operating temperature (-40 to 75°C)

  • HART enabled onboard I/O

  • Efficient wiring & configuration

  • Low power consumption modern, powerful processor

  • Gas & liquid flow calculations

  • Flexible communications

ControlEdge HC900 Safety
Product Description

Highly reliable SIL 2 controller based on proven platform that is easy to configure with excellent networking and best in class loop control capabilities.

Applications Value Proposition
  • Safety applications with up to SIL 2 level requirements like burner management systems, combustion control, emergency shutdown, spill prevention

  • Critical control applications

  • Transportation – tunnel systems (air movement)

  • Enhances safety with high performance

  • Improves productivity through ease of use

  • Maximizes profitability with lowest TCO

  • High reliability, robust, proven design

  • Meets regulatory requirements

ControlEdge HC900 R670 (Safety)
Value Proposition Applications Benefits & Spec

Highly reliable SIL 2 controller based on proven platform that is easy to configure with excellent networking and best in class loop control capabilities

  • Identification as a fit for a RTU or Field Mounted Flow Computer

  • Wide operating temperature range, remote/low power, hazloc (C1D2)

  • Liquid and Gas flow computing

  • Modbus, DNP3, RS232/485, Embedded HART, Wireless Device Management

  • Safety applications with up to SIL 2 level requirements like Burner Management Systems, Combustion Control, Emergency Shutdown, Spill Prevention

  • Critical Control Applications

  • Transportation – Tunnel Systems (air movement)

  • Speed Improvement (< 100ms) for Analog Loop (existing 500ms) – New 900A16 Model.

  • Safety peer-peer protocol

  • Increased rack capacity and IO count(max 4608 Digitals).

  • And Function blocks currently at 5000 which will ne enhanced to 15K+ in the next few month.

  • Remoto IO distance through FO converters

Experion PPC (Panel PC)

    What is Experion PPC?

  • Industrial grade Touch Panel PC that extends Experion UI to local field operations

  • Solution

  • Experion UI for customers requiring Panel based operations

  • Can act as either Experion HS Server cum Station, Experion HS Station (HS R500 onwards) and Experion LX/PlantCruise Station (R510))

  • Differentiators

  • Superior integration with ControlEdge PLC- Improved engineering time up to 98%

  • Premium ‘DCS’ like HMI for field level operations

  • Flexible operation modes- As Standalone Server, Remote Station or Thin Client

MasterLogic PLC-200 and 50
Product Description
  • MasterLogic’s advanced technology enables higher speed processing and better control in applications of all types, particularly smaller unit operations.

  • This compact and modular PLC offers all of the redundancy architecture options needed for most industrial operations—and at a competitive cost.

Applications Value Proposition
  • General purpose applications based on discrete logic control like building control systems, process control, etc.

  • Redundancy requirement

  • Infrastructure Market and Integrated Design of PLC and HMI – water treatment, Heat treatment, tunnel systems, etc.

  • Powerful and versatile processors for high-speed

  • Improves productivity through ease of use

  • Full redundancy for CPU, power and network

  • Data management functions that derive from history collection and reporting

  • Meets requirements of general purpose

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